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Cheers Everybody!

Cheers Everybody!
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Citrus Jalapeño with Let it Ride Pork Chops

Posted April 9, 2014 @ 2:27pm | by Tom

I'm no expert in the kitchen but from time to time, I like to include some of our great beers from Elevated in my recipes. Well, recipes is kind of a stretch too as I generally just wing it. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some of the experimentations here.

I was inspired by the citrus glazed fish recipe in the Feb/Mar issue of the Growler (sorry no link, not sure if its only in the print version). What I had on hand was some nice pork chops from our CSA, Turnip Rock Farm. I also had some oranges, a lime, some tamed jalapeno and some super fresh Let It Ride IPA from Indeed Brewing Company. I'm talking canned on Monday, I was making this on Wednesday fresh.

A quick aside, for IPA's and hoppy beers especially, it is really nice to have great local breweries nearby. It's no secret hop oils and aromas begin dissipating from beer quickly, but for the most part I can enjoy IPAs from all over for what they are, in their full expression, whether it is a few weeks from canning or a few months. That being said, it is a nice treat to have a really fresh beer and I think the freshness really adds to my enjoyment of the style, end aside.

I started with the glaze. In a small pan I added:

A glug of EVOO
One clove of diced garlic
a handful of diced "tamed" sliced jalapenos
I got that going over medium heat for a few minutes until the garlic started to release its aromas (starting to yellow but not brown). Then I added

Juice from one Orange
Juice from half of a lime
I let that cook down for a few minutes until it was reduced by maybe half and added:

A couple glugs of the IPA (save the rest for drinking)

It should be noted here again that I don't have any formal training so I don't really know technically how to make a glaze but you just cook it down and stir it a lot right? Once it was nice and gooey I turned of the heat and fired up the grill. The chops I had were pretty thick so I got them started for a few minutes on each side, then spooned on some of the glaze before I flipped them for a few minutes more on each side. This way the residual sugars from the glaze were able to blacken up a little but not too much. I used a panini grill (a fancy Foreman grill basically) so I was able to scrap some of the tasty blackened bits of and put them back on the chops as I served them.

For a side, I kept it simple and made some brown basmati rice with some chopped red peppers that I grilled up on the same grill. I like to take a little of the rice and veg and eat it in the same bite as the pork but if you like to keep your sides separate, I'd church it up a little soy sauce or something.

So that's it. I thought it tasted pretty good. The IPA added some bitterness but I lost a little of the fruit flavors from the hops, either because they cooked off or because they were lost behind the bolder citrus and jalapeno flavor. I still think it definitely added an element and it was fun to drink some along side this dish. Thanks for reading, I'm not sure if this will be a regular thing but let me know any feedback or requests you might have. Cheers! 

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