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Cheers Everybody!

Cheers Everybody!
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KBS Release Day

Posted April 8, 2014 @ 2:17pm | by Tom

The day is finally here. After a lot of set up and a rough couple of days the Founders KBS release is today. 

The short version is as follows. Ryan started the planning on this almost 6 months ago, setting up a Beer Show episode to coincide with the release of KBS in early April. Working together with Hohensteins (the distributor) and Founders Brewery local rep Scott Ketcher we were able to be called the "Official Off Sale Release Location" for Minnesota. At the end of the day it wasn't much beyond the words - we did get to release first, at 10am on launch day, but we were thrilled to given that honor and didn't want to dissapoint.

About a month before the show we started to be concerned about doing the release announcement on the air. Sports radio can be fickle as far as start times for shows because sporting events don't always fit in to their allotted time. We wanted to be able to say "tune in at X to hear the news" but if a game pre-empted us that would have ruined the plan. Once it became clear the only possible conflict would be the Gopher basketball team and only if they made the NIT Championship game.

After the Gophers won a few and it became a real possibility, we decided to just go ahead and work around the game regardless if they made it, just to be safe. Of course as we know, they did go on to make and win the NIT Championship (Ski U Mah!). Great right, we already planned around it? Except ESPN and the NIT decided to move the game to 6pm the day before the game.

It was pretty devastating for us as we felt the spotlight was on and wanted to do right by Founders, Hohensteins and the local beer fans. In the end ESPN AM 1500, invited us on Garage Logic to try and get the word out on the change. They ran short ads throughout the day notifying people of the change. At that point we just had to notify people of the change through Facebook to get out the word as much as possible.

Not as exciting as we wanted it to be but the priority now was communicating and making sure everyone had a fair chance at the beer. Despite the trouble, between Garage Logic and our Beer Show, we were hoping that the word got out. We decided to go with a one bottle limit to try and get as many people as possible a chance to try this beer. We love the passion and enthusiasm of our fellow beer fans, but were hopeful with this we could introduce a few more people to that "a-ha" moment of tasting a truly world class beer.

Folks started pulling in to our parking lot around 9:30 and by 10am we had a good crowd, easily enough to buy us out if we had done more than the one bottle limit. With the limit we were able to stay in stock for a few more folks to get a taste. In the end its never going to be enough with these releases as that is the natural of limited releases but we had a great time and hope everyone enjoys the beer!

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