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Cheers Everybody!

Cheers Everybody!
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Oktoberfest Pick Six

Posted September 25, 2015 @ 12:20pm | by Tom

Oktoberfest Pick Six

It's the time of the year for delicious Oktoberfest beers. Traditionally, these beers are Märzen style lagers which tend to be balanced with a touch caramel malt sweetness. My suggestions for a great build your own six pack would include:

Ballast Point - Dead Ringer

The San Diego brewery has yet to dissapoint me with tremendous quality accross the board and their Oktoberfest is no exception.


Two Brothers - Atom Smasher

With a little higher ABV (7.7%) and oak aging, this unique beer is one to savor when you are looking for a little bit more.

Great Lakes - Oktoberfest

One of the most well regarded American versions, this beer shows of balanced malts and a crisp clean finish.

Fargo - O'Fest

The up and coming brewery to our west, Fargo Brewing, has hit the mark with their delicous take on Oktoberfest. Chewy malts, balanced body with hints of toffee.

Schell's - Oktoberfest

A great tradition here in Minnesota is Schell's Oktoberfest. Nothing too fancy here, just a great beer that always hits the mark!

Paulaner - Oktoberfest Wiesn

True Oktoberfest nerds know the Wiesn, not the more common Märzen, is the Paulaner served in the Oktoberfest celebration tents in Munich. Lighter color but slightly higher ABV, this is a full flavored lager that will take you straight to Germany!

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